13 July 2009

The party set out from Shraeltir, on their quest to find the missing messenger party. While going up a steep windy road, they find an abandoned campsite. It looks like the camping party was attacked.

Hathawin detects a trail of blood and finds that leads to a narrow cave. As the party goes into the cave, a voice calls out, warning to retaliate. Forin recognizes the voice to be dwarven and talks him out of the cave. Turns out, the dwarf is named Archon Stormfist and is a part of Forin’s clan. He was a part of the Messenger Party, and as far as we know is the only survivor of the campsite attack. He said that Goblins and Giant Bat-like creatures were the aggressors.

The party continues to Watcher’s Deck. They find it being attacked by a small army of goblins. They can discern that the goblins are preparing their siege by tunneling under the keep wall and building ballistas. Archon urges swift action by the party. After some discussion, they decide to attack the goblins preparing the ballistas first.


I am commenting on Steven’s campaign blog.

13 July 2009

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