The Sons of Shraeltir, a Heroic tale Part 1

After defeating the initial surge of goblin troops through the breach in Watcher’s Deck’s walls, the party had to quickly muster whatever defensive measures they could before the main attack arrived at dawn. Rijkaard delivered a rousing speach to the remaining exhausted dwarven troops, while Hathawin and Iyo-tar constructed heavy fortifications from the ruined wall’s stone at the direction of Forin. Kothlar took the opportunity to let the dwarves know exactly what would happen to them and their families if they failed to work fast enough.


The final attack came at dawn as expected, with an orc Eye of Gruumsh leading the assault over the tops of the walls with ladders ahead of orc berserkers and warriors commanding dire wolves. With those foes vanquished, the heroes had hardly a moment of respite as the walls of Watcher’s Deck exploded from below in a shower of stone and debris. The horde had managed to gain dominance over a mighty burrowing creature with armored plating, a bullete. Knowing the consequences of a failure to secure Wather’s Deck and bring reinforcements to Shraeltir, the Sons fought on with renewed vigor, defeating the mighty beast at last. Iyo-tar was given the mighty 2-Thundering-Warhammer warsledge Hornhammer as a gift from the dying commander of Watcher’s Deck in thanks for saving the outpost.

With a score of dwarven soldiers behind them, the Sons of Shraeltir returned with haste only to find what they had feared all along. The attack on Shraeltir’s town had already begun!

Rikaard, Iyo-tar, Kothlar, Forin, and Hathawin rushed for the bridge over the Serpentstream River. They were brutally ambushed midway across by a squad of bugbears. During the battle, Rijkaard was caught unaware from behind as a bugbear swam up out of the water and looped a garotte around his neck, pulling it tight and choking the warlord unconscious as his companions tried desperately to free him. Free him they did, in the nick of time, and the strangler and the other attackers were slain.

The scene inside the town’s walls was one of chaos. The grisly remains of several battles littered Shraeltir’s cobblestone streets. Thick, black smoke stained the sky. The heroes met up with Tanaris Glimmerdawn near the town’s keep and were informed of an impending attack on the Tower of the Pure Flame. The monstrous horde’s leaders planned on raising their banner atop it, which would prove a devastating blow to the morale of Shraeltir’s militia defenders. Forin quickly volunteered the group to put a stop to it. They battled across the stone bridge leading to the tower and fought their way to the top.

At the tower’s summit they bravely battled a hulking ogre savage and other orc troops, as well as a mysterious newcomer, a snake-like fanatic that morphed into a giant constrictor during the fight! Though the Sons proved victorious, preventing the banner from being raised and ultimately standing victorious over the invading horde, they were left with a foreboding message from the cultist. This invasion was but a taste of what was planned. “The portal” would stream forth orcs and goblins of countless numbers to devour Shraeltir whole.



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