The Sons of Shraeltir, a Heroic tale Part 2

The heroes could not bask in the celebrations of Shraeltir’s citizens for too long and took the words of the snake cultist to the High Mage of Shraeltir, Tharik Nasril. He and Forin poured over historical records of the surrounding realm, and came upon an obscure reference to a portal within the Wailing Dwarf in the nearby Troll Mountains. After resupplying and taking advantage of some well earned sleep, the Sons set forth a few short days later for Watcher’s Deck and from there deep into the Troll Mountains to the ancient dwarven city of the Wailing Dwarf.

A decision was made that the shortest possible route must be taken to investigate the portal and what threat it may pose to Shraeltir, so the band cut across the barren crater in the mountains. This path proved dangerous, as unstable vortexes of energy left over from the destruction of the foul Tharizdun temple decades ago by the original heroes of the Triumvirate, Shrill, Tir, and Aelizar, spawned several raging elemental creatures.
Wailing dwarf pic

Overcoming this fight proved difficult, but the dwarf, eladrin, half-elf and pair of dragonborn brothers pushed on. They arrived at the ancient ruins of the Wailing Dwarf, awestruck by its majesty and scale. They explored the eerily empty underground city. As a skilled ranger of the wilds, Hathawin was able to track a large number of creatures through the dusty ruins, across a large bridged chasm, to small number of rooms. Inside, the Sons interrupted a ceremony involving several of these snake cultists. The robed figures were bowing before a platform atop which coiled a large serpent of fire in front of a shimmering surface. Attacking quickly, the party defeated the beast and laid low its subjects.

The mysterious glittering doorway lay before them, however they could not discern the method of which it would grant them access beyond. Knowing the urgency of the matter, they returned to Watcher’s Deck quickly and dispatched what dwarven troops could be spared to guard this side of the portal while they devised a solution to this threat.




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