Rijkaard’s notes from the session:

Tradegate – material world. A town. We went through a side door.

Crale – wizard and sage can sell us key to Tradegate. The key is an empty earring box.

Reward – Astral diamond, plus a list of materials needed for Aelizar to send us home

3000 gold up front

Planar Trade Consortium (icon: caravan going through a portal)

Krale’s arcane wonders (on coin)

Picked up journal of Fesrin Crale. Arthani is a shapeshifter who stole his identity and tried to have us killed.

The key doesn’t send us back through the portal. The portal needs an hour to recharge.

The Sons of Shraeltir, a Heroic tale Part 3

The heroes returned to once again consult with the High Mage looking for information about the portal and how to open it. Considering the high threat this portal could pose to Shraeltir’s safety, Tharik suggested something that hadn’t been done in nearly a century; ascend the archmage Aelizar’s sealed off tower in the keep and consult the library within. Hopefully, it would contain the knowledge they required.

Penetrating the tower was no simple matter, as the archmage had left behind several devious traps to guard his secrets. Upon bypassing the traps, Forin quickly rummaged through what tomes he could before the magical glyphs of warding could rearm themselves. He found mention of a portal in the Troll Mountains and the key with which it could be opened. The portal key was written on a scroll within the Great Library of Verbobonc. The very name of the cursed city was enough to send chills down their spines. Located several days north of Shraeltir, along the Old Track across the rolling plains of the Western Heartlands, Verbobonc was once a center of arcane learning. The arrival of the Spellplague changed that. In the Year of Blue Fire, the city became a rotten husk of its former glory, a sundered house of undead abominations from which visitors never returned.

As they were leaving Shraeltir, they were stopped by Kol Verdith, Warden of Shraeltir, who had heard they were venturing north. He requested that if they had time, they could check in on the furthest north of Shraeltir’s watchtowers that had not been heard of in several weeks.

Days later, the party came up on the tower and immediately noticed something amiss. The stone structure looked in bad disrepair, and no flag flew from its battlements. Investigation revealed a malevolent cult of Yeenoghu worshiping gnolls had slaughtered the tower’s guards and set themselves up as its masters. The Sons of Shraeltir cleansed the tower, level by level, and laid the remains they could find of the guards to rest.


The road north saw the heroes encounter a wagon coming south. The drivers turned out to be slavers, and Kothlar boldly attacked, inundating the wagon and its passengers with his lightning dragonbreath. When the dust of the fight settled, the slavers dead, the back of the wagon was opened to find slaves within. Tragically, most had been killed by Kothlar’s lightning. The two survivors limped away, cursing the band for “saving” them.

They traveled for several more days along the monotonous Old Track leading north. The miles and miles of miles and miles stretched on. Soon the distant hills began to grow in the distance, and on the horizon loomed a high bluff, the outline of a broken city set against the sky above it.
As they neared the bluff, the nearby countryside took an abrupt turn for the barren. What was previously rolling hills of thick grass and occasional tree, suddenly transformed to a barren wasteland of skeletal shrubs and dead, trampled grass.

The most noticeable feature of this barren landscape was its utter lack of life. The only things rising from its parched soil were the desiccated remnants of several dead trees withered by the unforgiving sunlight. Otherwise, only a few piles of bleached stones provided what little shelter was available.
They heard a man’s voice—weakened, but still with enough volume to carry—from a small cluster of trees roughly 20 feet west of them. “Please help me! I’ve been in this tree for days, and I don’t know if I can make it much longer! Please!”’
High in a tree on the edge of the desolate area, they saw a small man—a halfling—clutching desperately to some of the smallest branches at the very top of the tree. He was thin, gaunt, and frightened, and he peered at them with both fear and hope.

The source of the halfling’s fear soon became apparent, as a massive owlbear came into view, crawling slowly over a pile of rubble. It scraped its razor-sharp talons against the rocks, producing a dreadful, high-pitched sound. The owlbear reared up on its hind legs and bellowed angrily; in a few moments, its full-throated roar reached an awful, shrieking crescendo. After the display of dominance, the owlbear charged. Iyo-tar fought valiantly, his armor and shield shuddering under the beast’s brutal blows. The paladin was stunned several times, barely managing to defend himself. Hathawin, utilizing a nearby tree, pumped arrow after arrow into the beast, and Kothlar laid it low with eldritch rain from the sky.

The halfing bard, who introduced himself as Finnegan, pledged his undying loyalty to the group, and vowed to accompany them on any quest to log their epic adventures for the ages, particularly those of Hathawin Elderwin. The group begrudgingly allowed him to follow.

The Sons of Shraeltir, a Heroic tale Part 2

The heroes could not bask in the celebrations of Shraeltir’s citizens for too long and took the words of the snake cultist to the High Mage of Shraeltir, Tharik Nasril. He and Forin poured over historical records of the surrounding realm, and came upon an obscure reference to a portal within the Wailing Dwarf in the nearby Troll Mountains. After resupplying and taking advantage of some well earned sleep, the Sons set forth a few short days later for Watcher’s Deck and from there deep into the Troll Mountains to the ancient dwarven city of the Wailing Dwarf.

A decision was made that the shortest possible route must be taken to investigate the portal and what threat it may pose to Shraeltir, so the band cut across the barren crater in the mountains. This path proved dangerous, as unstable vortexes of energy left over from the destruction of the foul Tharizdun temple decades ago by the original heroes of the Triumvirate, Shrill, Tir, and Aelizar, spawned several raging elemental creatures.
Wailing dwarf pic

Overcoming this fight proved difficult, but the dwarf, eladrin, half-elf and pair of dragonborn brothers pushed on. They arrived at the ancient ruins of the Wailing Dwarf, awestruck by its majesty and scale. They explored the eerily empty underground city. As a skilled ranger of the wilds, Hathawin was able to track a large number of creatures through the dusty ruins, across a large bridged chasm, to small number of rooms. Inside, the Sons interrupted a ceremony involving several of these snake cultists. The robed figures were bowing before a platform atop which coiled a large serpent of fire in front of a shimmering surface. Attacking quickly, the party defeated the beast and laid low its subjects.

The mysterious glittering doorway lay before them, however they could not discern the method of which it would grant them access beyond. Knowing the urgency of the matter, they returned to Watcher’s Deck quickly and dispatched what dwarven troops could be spared to guard this side of the portal while they devised a solution to this threat.


The Sons of Shraeltir, a Heroic tale Part 1

After defeating the initial surge of goblin troops through the breach in Watcher’s Deck’s walls, the party had to quickly muster whatever defensive measures they could before the main attack arrived at dawn. Rijkaard delivered a rousing speach to the remaining exhausted dwarven troops, while Hathawin and Iyo-tar constructed heavy fortifications from the ruined wall’s stone at the direction of Forin. Kothlar took the opportunity to let the dwarves know exactly what would happen to them and their families if they failed to work fast enough.


The final attack came at dawn as expected, with an orc Eye of Gruumsh leading the assault over the tops of the walls with ladders ahead of orc berserkers and warriors commanding dire wolves. With those foes vanquished, the heroes had hardly a moment of respite as the walls of Watcher’s Deck exploded from below in a shower of stone and debris. The horde had managed to gain dominance over a mighty burrowing creature with armored plating, a bullete. Knowing the consequences of a failure to secure Wather’s Deck and bring reinforcements to Shraeltir, the Sons fought on with renewed vigor, defeating the mighty beast at last. Iyo-tar was given the mighty 2-Thundering-Warhammer warsledge Hornhammer as a gift from the dying commander of Watcher’s Deck in thanks for saving the outpost.

With a score of dwarven soldiers behind them, the Sons of Shraeltir returned with haste only to find what they had feared all along. The attack on Shraeltir’s town had already begun!

Rikaard, Iyo-tar, Kothlar, Forin, and Hathawin rushed for the bridge over the Serpentstream River. They were brutally ambushed midway across by a squad of bugbears. During the battle, Rijkaard was caught unaware from behind as a bugbear swam up out of the water and looped a garotte around his neck, pulling it tight and choking the warlord unconscious as his companions tried desperately to free him. Free him they did, in the nick of time, and the strangler and the other attackers were slain.

The scene inside the town’s walls was one of chaos. The grisly remains of several battles littered Shraeltir’s cobblestone streets. Thick, black smoke stained the sky. The heroes met up with Tanaris Glimmerdawn near the town’s keep and were informed of an impending attack on the Tower of the Pure Flame. The monstrous horde’s leaders planned on raising their banner atop it, which would prove a devastating blow to the morale of Shraeltir’s militia defenders. Forin quickly volunteered the group to put a stop to it. They battled across the stone bridge leading to the tower and fought their way to the top.

At the tower’s summit they bravely battled a hulking ogre savage and other orc troops, as well as a mysterious newcomer, a snake-like fanatic that morphed into a giant constrictor during the fight! Though the Sons proved victorious, preventing the banner from being raised and ultimately standing victorious over the invading horde, they were left with a foreboding message from the cultist. This invasion was but a taste of what was planned. “The portal” would stream forth orcs and goblins of countless numbers to devour Shraeltir whole.

28 July 2009

After the battle, the party took shelter in Watcher’s Deck. We noticed that our fighting force had been reduced to about 40 fighters.

As night falls, the party rests. Hathawin, who needs very little rests, takes watch at the gate.

All of sudden, he gets a sense that something is wrong. The ground shakes, and Hathawin sees the wall collapsing. The floor beneath him drops, and Hathawin tumbles out of the way.

Calls of alarm ring through Watcher’s Deck and the party comes running from their places of slumber.

Within the newly formed hole, Hathawin can see torchlight and hears goblin voices.

20 July 2009

After the battle by the ballistas, Forin led the charge to battle by the Watcher’s Deck walls.

Hobgoblins and dwarves are fighting at the walls. The party is seen by an observant hobgoblin. He raises his weapon in the air and rallies a few troops to break away and engage the party. They meet between the walls of a steep canyon.

The goblin commander rides into battle atop a snarling, 9-foot long Dire Wolf

13 July 2009

The party set out from Shraeltir, on their quest to find the missing messenger party. While going up a steep windy road, they find an abandoned campsite. It looks like the camping party was attacked.

Hathawin detects a trail of blood and finds that leads to a narrow cave. As the party goes into the cave, a voice calls out, warning to retaliate. Forin recognizes the voice to be dwarven and talks him out of the cave. Turns out, the dwarf is named Archon Stormfist and is a part of Forin’s clan. He was a part of the Messenger Party, and as far as we know is the only survivor of the campsite attack. He said that Goblins and Giant Bat-like creatures were the aggressors.

The party continues to Watcher’s Deck. They find it being attacked by a small army of goblins. They can discern that the goblins are preparing their siege by tunneling under the keep wall and building ballistas. Archon urges swift action by the party. After some discussion, they decide to attack the goblins preparing the ballistas first.

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