The Founding of Shraeltir

Shraeltir stands as a kingdom founded in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, by three epic adventurers. It consists of three towns: the capital Shraeltir, the nearby village of Hommlet, the fortified mining village of Watcher’s Deck, and land for several miles north of the Snakewood. Shraeltir had a spike in wealth and growth as the mines of Watcher’s Deck produced lucrative amounts of precious gems, which lead to its rapid growth during the 1370’s DR. For a time Shraeltir specialized in exporting rare gems and finely trained mercenaries to various surrounding lands, including Amn and city-states in the Western Heartlands. These mercenaries came to be known as Tir’s Badgers after Lord Tir, High General of Shraeltir. Lord Shrill Cloakhaven also took part in training mercenaries in the art of stealth. He also eventually collaborated with local elves and helped instruct new Order of the Bow initiates. Lord Aelizar, archmage and powerful sorcerer, collected a following of religious fanatics dedicated to the deity Kossuth (and to Aelizar himself). A core group of these fanatics was transformed into the Ardent Watch, Shraeltir’s local guard and law enforcing body. Aelizar founded the Tower of the Pure Flame as a school of arcane magic devoted to the defense of Shraeltir and outfitting of Tir’s Badgers with sorcerers and wizards.

Shraeltir was founded as a fiefdom on lands claimed by Amn, ruled by a triumvirate consisting of High General Tir, Archmage Aelizar, and Lord Shrill Cloakhaven. Fortunately, the attention of most of the powerful merchant lords was set squarely on their war with the ogre kingdom to their south. Shraeltir did not completely escape notice however. One moderately powerful merchant claimed Shraeltir’s lands (and mines) as his own, and sent an emissary demanding fealty and taxes. The Triumvirate refused, and began hording its mercenaries. Months later the merchant’s personal army came to enforce the lord’s claims, but was turned back without too much bloodshed by the Triumvirate and its small, but formidably trained army. Amn was now embroiled in the Stinger War far to the west, and chose to ignore Shraeltir’s claim for now. Shraeltir began expanding its hold into land further north of the Snakewood into the vast Greenfields, constructing towers along the road to Verbobonc.

In 1382 DR, a hobgoblin horde from the northeastern Troll Mountains attacked Shraeltir and was defeated. In recognition of this victory, the inhabitants of Shraeltir demanded a monument to the Triumvirate constructed in the town square. A short three years later, in the Year of the Blue Flame, the Spellplague was unleashed upon Faerun. In addition to the effects seen by much of Faerun, the aasimar priest Aoth, who had been leading a hermitic life in ruined Nulb, went mad and devoted himself to Shar, defiling his own temple and fleeing into the darkest recesses of the Snakewood. The kingdom’s armies were recalled to better defend against threats unleashed by the Plague.

In 1395 DR, ten years after the Spellplague, a monstrous army of troll warriors poured forth from the Wailing Dwarf in the Troll Mountains and attacked all of northeastern Amn. They set fire to the Snakewood and were only ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Shraeltir, Eshpurta, and the elves of the Snakewood. In the final battle of the troll invasion, Lord Tir single-handedly defeated the troll warlord and dozens of his personal bodyguard, but at the ultimate cost of his own life. He was given a hero-king’s funeral and entombed beneath the town’s keep. The trolls’ fire destroyed hundreds of square miles of the eastern edge of the Snakewood. The surviving elves of the woods established a community on the patch of surviving forest at the far northeastern corner of the Snakewood, a mile or so from the town of Shraeltir.


1373: The Year of Rogue Dragons
• The renewed Temple of Elemental Evil is defeated by Shrill, Tir, Aelizar and Aoth
• Shrill, Tir, and Aelizar construct a keep, Shraeltir is founded under the First Triumvirate.

1374: The Year of Lightning Storms
• The Crater Ridge Mines are reopened, village of Watcher’s Deck founded under Shraeltir’s dominion.
• Lord Tir marries Tanaris Glimmerdawn

1375: The Year of Risen Elfkin
• The lucrative diamond mine causes the town of Shraeltir to grow quickly
• The Triumvirate defeats the green dragon Ringreemeralxoth, who had partially razed Hommlet.

1376: The Year of the Bent Blade
• Shraeltir’s mercenaries become widespread throughout the Western Heartlands and Amn

1377: The Year of the Haunting
• Shraeltir’s fiefdom finally draws attention from Amn’s merchant lords. Emissaries are sent demanding taxes and fealty.

1378: The Year of the Cauldron
• Upon Shraeltir’s refusal, merchant lords dispatch a hired army to intimidate/take over Shraeltir. Tir, Aelizar, and Shrill, along with their army defeat the merchant lords. The Amn lords, consumed in the Stinger War, give up their claim…for now.

1382: The Year of the Black Blazon
• Shraeltir’s army defends against an attack by a hobgoblin army

1385: The Year of Blue Fire
• The Spellplague ravages Toril
• Aoth goes mad, devotes himself to Shar
• The archmage Aelizar secludes himself in his tower, determined to regain his magic
• Shraeltir’s mercenaries away on hire return and are integrated into the normal army

1392: The Year of the Scroll
• Archmage Aelizar regains full use of his abilities.

1395: The Year of Silent Death
• A vast troll army attacks Shraeltir and eastern Amn and is ultimately defeated by an alliance of armies from Shraeltir, Eshpurta, and local elves, but at the cost of Lord Tir’s life. Aelizar is consumed with grief and becomes a recluse in his tower. Amn reluctantly recognizes Shraeltir’s independence.

1400: The Year of Lost Ships
• Aelizar seals off his tower and disappears.

1479: The Year of the Ageless One
• Current Year

Recent History

Shraeltir has a current population of about 1,300 people, with an additional few hundred living in the surrounding area. The town’s history as a training ground and exporter of mercenaries has left it with a fairly militarized culture. However in the past few generations, the growing dangers of the nearby lands have put a stop to most of the mercenary training. Shraeltir’s mercenary army is but a shadow of its former glory and now serves only to protect the lands from large scale threats.

Shraeltir is governed by the Triumvirate, a trio of the most powerful and influential individuals in the kingdom. Members of the Triumvirate are appointed by their predecessor, but it is tradition that they be the High General, High Mage, and Warden. The current members of the Triumvirate are: the female elf Tanaris Glimmerdawn, High General of Shraeltir, the male tiefling Therak Nasril, High Mage of Shraeltir, and the male half-elf Kol Verdith, Warden of Shraeltir and leader of the Ardent Ward. There is also a People’s Council that is elected by the citizens of the three towns. It usually numbers around 10 people. The current leader of the council is Brorin Stormfist, an old male dwarf fighter who is also the leader of the Stormfist Clan.


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