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The kingdom of Shraeltir is relatively new, but is rich in history. More of a collection of 3 city-states than a true kingdom, Shraeltir is nonetheless a nation carved out of the lawless and savage countryside north of the Snakewood.

The walled town of Shraeltir houses around 1,300 people, with several hundred more living in the surrounding area, and his strategically placed against the Serpentstream River, with Shraeltir’s keep on a small hill.

The rugged mountain town of Watcher’s Deck is located at the Crater Ridge Mines, the source of Shraeltir’s wealth in gems and ore and once the site of a despicable cult of the foul deity, Tharizdun.

Hommlet is the last of the towns that make up Shraeltir. It is located 30 miles southwest of Shraeltir near the edge of the Snakewood.

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Main Page

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